MARIA ELISABETTA NOVELLO | 16ma Quadriennale d’Arte / Periferiche – Palazzo delle Esposizioni | Roma

 Galleria Paola Verrengia

is delighted to annunce the participation of



16ma Quadriennale d’Arte / Periferiche

Palazzo delle Esposizioni | Roma

opening: 13 october 2016
from 13th october 2016 to 8th january 2017

After eight years, the Art Quadrennial reopens with the title “Other times, other myths.” The exhibition, part of a great historical tradition, has been updated with innovative and non-conventional practices of production to pursue more effectively its mandate: to propose a mapping of contemporary visual arts in Italy. Following the words of Pier Vittorio Tondelli, used for the title of the exhibition, the 16th Quadrennial is conceived as a changeable mapping of the artistic and cultural productions of contemporary Italy and is divided into ten exhibition sections, each entrusted to a different curator and exploring a theme, a method, an attitude, a genealogy that connotes those productions.

Maria Elisabetta Novello participates in the 16th Art Quadrennial in the exhibition Periferiche by Denis Viva, a project dedicated to artists who have chosen to work “on the outskirts”, not for romantic reasons or solipsism, but for their poetic. The “peripheral” is understood as a metaphor for a free device to engage and disengage, to connect and to repair, from the unstoppable flow of global centers. The project brings together eight Italian artists of different generations and backgrounds, combining the youngest with some more mature artistic figures, consecrated in the last decade (Emanuele Becheri, Paolo Gioli, Carlo Guaita, Paolo Icaro, Christiane Löhr, Maria Elisabetta Novello, Giulia Piscitelli and Michele Spanghero).