BOLOGNA ART FAIR | 01-04/02/2019 | PAD.25 BOOTH B/86

Galleria Verrengia Pad.25 Stand B86

Galleria Paola Verrengia is delighted to partecipate in

PAD. 25 | STAND B 86
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Amparo Sard
Too much empathy

“Digital media provide a great deal of information, creating individuals who are increasingly active but also increasingly removed from empathy.
We disguise the world according to our needs and we need to simplify it because we feel unable to deal with its complexity. We simplify reality, we cover it with a layer of illusion, we give it an illusory appearance to distort it, we approach it in a superficial manner and we turn it into something non-cognisable. Hence Amparo Sard’s determination to evince in her works to what extent we have neutralised those images, anaesthetising and narcotising our eyes so as to give a selective and momentary empathetic look as a way of structuring the world.
When we look at a person we recognise that person as such. If we take a few minutes to think about our differences and our similarities, we humanise them, and empathy stems from that recognition and humanisation. This is the empathy demanded by Sard, the one who breaks down, weakens, crosses and pierces through barriers, just as she does with her sheets of paper. The artist punctures paper—a metaphor of reality—however the resulting holes do not seek to weaken reality, they are not meant to contemplate a world of illusion .
And in the work “self portrait with pouring rocks where the paper replaces the resin we may come to tell that the landscape in the background has been replaced here with a shipwreck: the shipwreck of empathy in a sea of indifference, brought about by an ever-fleeting indignation.“