(Hiroshima, Japan, 1981)

Shinya Sakurai is a young Japanese artist, who lives and works in Turin, Italy. After majoring in Fine Arts at the University of Osaka, he started studying at Accademia Albertina, Turin.
In his pieces Japanese and Western culture are intermingled. As we might notice in his Love Pool, the artist displays the traditional shibori, a method of dyeing cloth with patterns, next to the use of catholic symbols such as crosses and Madonnas, typical of Italian iconographic tradition.
A pop flavour is conveyed by the recurrent heart shapes, one of his favourite logo. These hearts symbolise the thread which connects the artist to his homeland. At the same time they might conceive the longing for a world without conflicts. Through these emblems the artist exhorts the viewer to think about the role of memes and naive images in our culture, because they may instead reveal new perspectives.

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Arte Fiera Bologna, Base Gallery – Tokyo, Bologna, Italy

The Drifting Clouds – Kaori Miyayama | Masaharu Sato | Shinya Sakurai , curata da Antonio d’Avossa, Galleria Paola Verrengia, Salerno, Italia.
Arte Fiera Bologna, Base Gallery – Tokyo, Bologna, Italia

CONTEMPORARY ISTANBUL, Galleria Paola Verrengia, Istanbul, Turchia.
United Colours, Base Gallery – Tokyo, Japan

Saluzzo Arte – Fondazione Amleto Bertoni – Saluzzo, Italia
Il Senso e il colore, The White Gallery, Milano, Italia
Love Seeds and MA, Galleria Schloss Puchheim – Puchheim, Austria
Shinya Sakurai 2007-2012 ,Palazzo MIstrot – Torino, Italia
Love Pool, Gallery K – Kurashiki, Japan
Love Pool, Galleria Paris – Yokohama, Japan
Love Pool, Galleria Albanese Arte – Matera, Italia

Fly the flag, curata Dino Ferruzzi, The White Gallery, Milano, Italia
Paese dei Nidi, curated by Andrea Pozzoli, Castello di Racconigi, Racconigi, Italia
Zen, Galleria Sargadelos, Pontebetora, Spain

Love Song, Galleria Paris, Yokohama, Japan
One, Artmark Gallery, Wien, Austria
Cuore, curata da Giorgio Auneddu, Galleria Girogio Marosi, Torino, Italia
Seeds, Gallery Toro , Granada, Spain
Biro Show, The White Gallery, Milano, Italia
Seeds, Gallery PICI, Seoul, Korea
Voca, Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Shower of Love, ORIE ART, Tokyo, Japan
Intelligent Surface, curata da Dino Ferruzzi, Centro Ricerca Arte Contemporanea, Cremona, Italia
Reflexos, Galleria Esther Montoriol, Barcelona, Spain
Nuove Creativita del Mondo, curata da Gabriele Simongini, Camera dei Deputati, Roma, Italia
Forma de Silencio, Galleria Sargadelos, Pontebetora, Spain

Love Communication, curata da Antonio Benemia, Accademia di Belle Arti, Macerata, Italia
Positive Happy Love, Galleria Paris, Yokohama, Japan
Quadrato D’arte, curata da Vitaldo Conte, Galleira LIBRA, Catania, Italia
Centro/Periferia.Nuove Creatività, Uffici Federculture, Roma, Italia
ARTES-TOKYO, Museo della Grabado di Artes, Pontebetora, Spain
Simposio di arte a Lanzarote”, curata da Rufina Santana, Lanzarote, Spain

Love from Hiroshima, curata da Vittorio Falletti, Palazzo del Collegio, Galleria Arte Giovane, Asti, Italia
Happy Love, Galleria Spica Art,Tokyo ,Japan
Love from Hiroshima, curata da Vittorio Falletti,Circolo della Artisti Torino, Torino, Italia

Shinya Sakurai, curata da Enrico Debandi, Galleria Catartica Arte Contemporanea, Torino, Italia
In sede-Qui si sta bene, curata da Francesco Poli, Divisione Servizi culturali, Torino, Italia
Mythos, curata da Giorgio Auneddu, Accademia Albertina delle belle arti, Torino, Italia

New Type, Japanese Embassy, Milano, Italia

Shinya Sakurai, curata da Mirei Ono Museum of Shibuya, Hiroshima, Japan