A tutto tondo

December 20th,  2009 – February 13rd, 2010
Opening: Sunday 20th December, at 7 pm

Riccardo Gusmaroli, Kazumasa Mizokami, Paola Pezzi, Claudia Rogge and Rosy Rox appear in the show All Round at Galleria Paola Verrengia, 5 artists x 5 site-specific exhibits designed for the gallery space.
Gusmaroli, Mizokami, Pezzi, Rogge e Rox have used different techniques and materials to create “All Round”, using “round” as an expressive form with playfulness and irony.
Riccardo Gusmaroli (Verona, 1963; lives and works in Milan) uses different techniques – photography, painting, sculpture – and various materials. In the show there is a tactile, sensory installation of eggs in pvc, perforated by a subtle form of writing which highlights their simplicity and essential purity. The artist’s works are present in a number of private and public collections and he has recently exhibited at the Meda
museum (2007) and the Vittoriano museum (2009)
Kazumasa Mizokami (Arita – Japan 1958; lives and works in Milan) brings to his works, the creative spirit of the cultures that he shares, both East and West. His painted terracotta is characterized by a plasticity of essential forms and pure and luminous colours. Flowers, stars, spheres reveal the artist’s attention to nature. On show there is also an installation of small blue terracotta figures which interact with white spheres .
He has participated in numerous shows in Italy and abroad: Gallery Col ,Osaka (2006), Gallery Franco Toselli , Milan (2007), Gallery Victor Saavedra, Barcellona (2008).
Paola Pezzi (Brescia, 1963; lives and works in Milan), student of Luciano Fabro, uses “poor objects” – felt, gloves, pencils- to create her ‘swirling’ sculptures. The objects are assembled in such a way as to create circles or spheres which conserve the tension of the movement they have generated. On show is a large work in felt in which the artist creates a curved line movement and “An Avalanche of Hands” in which a large number of gloves are put together to create an enormous sphere with a dynamic effect. The artist’s work is included in a number of private and public collections (Galleria D’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Roma, and Collezione Panza of Biumo,Varese, at the BNL in Milan and Rome) .
In the works of Claudia Rogge (Düsseldorf, Germania, 1965; lives and works in Düsseldorf) photography is a medium to express ‘multitude’, in which the individual becomes a mass inspired by a purely aesthetic value rather than ideological intent or ornamental design. In the photographs on show in the gallery, the bodies are ordered geometrically in a circle (Monade VI) or captured in the sensual gesture of embracing enormous white balls (Blow up II). The German artist has recently exhibited at the Kunst Palast museum in Dusseldorf (2007), at the III Biennale in
Beijing (2008),at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow (2009).
Rosy Rox (Naples, 1976; lives and works between Berlin e Naples), performer e sculptor, exhibits a site specific installation, made up of two works, Into one another 1 and Into one another 2. In these works the artist, “ elegantly crossing the territory of contemporary Japanese aesthetics to hook up with the concept of ‘emptiness’ (an emptiness where yin and yang move in an alternate and complementary way)” expresses “the general vital movement of breathing, the question of living energy, the mortification, the modification and transformation of phenomena which signal the
mutation of things and of reality.” (A.Tolve)
The young Neopolitan artist has participated in a number of exhibitions among which Emergency Room at Pan in Naples (2009), Gravity at the Central Museum Vasco of contemporary art Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain (2008)