Amparo Sard / The Fly Woman

October 22nd – November 30th 2005
Vernissage: October 22nd 2005, 7 pm

The Galleria Paola Verrengia opens Saturday, October 22, 2005 at 7 pm The fly woman, the exhibition by Spanish artist Amparo Sard, curated by Antonio d’ Avossa ( Accademia di Brera ) .

Amparo Sard was born in Son Servera (Palma de Mallorca) in 1973. In 2000, Berlin was awarded the “First International Prize of the Deutsche Bank” has participated in important exhibitions and international fairs: Art Chicago (2002), Montreal Art Fair (2002), Art Cologne (2003, 2005) and Arc / Madrid (2003, 2004). It‘s been there, also, the Biennial of Valencia in 2003.
Amparo Sard ‘ through video and design – but in reality it is punching – develops the allegory of the human condition and offers a vision of beauty as much as the loss of identity of monstrosity “(A. d’Avossa, 2005). The artist herself states that “the disease of our time is the molecular destabilization, which converts into a mutant human.”
In the space of Galleria Paola Verrengia, in his first solo show in Italy, the Spanish artist presents thirty drawings and two videos, in which the figure of the man / mutant is reduced to a transparent body, mannequin devoid of identity, trapped in subtle but stuffy clothes attacked and besieged by insects. Sard shows the interior of these bodies to tell their consumption and transformation, often recreating the environment in which they live, an anonymous environment and destabilizing as the figures that inhabit it. The result is a feeling “sinister”, which is accentuated by the contrast with the “beauty” (lo bello y lo siniestro) of the white surfaces of the paper. ” In my work, I am in balance between the beautiful and the sinister” – the artist says –” the beauty that is on the paper surface is in certain way hiding with a white net the volume and the drawing of the hideousness that is in the back side of the paper, the sinister or the ugliness were we would close our eyes if there were no paper.”

During the exhibition, will be shown two videos: Con  el agua at Cuello (2005) and La mujer mosca (2004) in which the feeling “sinister” is emphasized by the confusion between the real and the unreal perceived by the viewer.

Essay by Antonio d’ Avossa.