March 25th  – April 30th 2006
Vernissage: Saturday 25th March 2006, 7 pm

The art show of Marcello Cinque, Emanuela Fiorelli and Paolo Radi curated by Nadja Perilli opens on Saturday 25th March 2006 at 7pm in the Galleria Paola Verrengia, Via Fieravecchia 34, Salerno.

The three young artists who have participated in numerous national and international shows and exhibitions, among which the Anteprima, XIV Quadriennale, Palazzo Reale, Napoli (2003), are showing works which have been projected and carried out bearing in mind the dimensions and characteristics of the gallery. Among these are the ‘Mediterraneo’ series by Cinque, ‘De-forma’ and ‘Sistema Emergente’ by Fiorelli, ‘Nell’Oro’ and ‘Prima Luce’ by Radi.
Using different visual codes/forms Cinque, Fiorelli and Radi explore with untiring creative force the possibilities of using a wide variety of materials and techniques, but have in common an experimental tension regarding the search for materials and the analysis of space involving the spectator in their research.

Marcello Cinque (Ottaviano 1968) uses industrial materials – sponge rubber, plastoflex, silicon – manipulating and interweaving them into knots, and spirals. In the spotlight the action of the artist who creates innovative forms in time and space, metaphor of a work which is in continual transformation. The single colour emphasizes the purely visible character of these elementary forms which are plastic but soft to touch.

Emanuela Fiorelli (Rome 1970) investigates space as a place where relationships take place . Multiply this space through an assembly of basic materials, using geometrical and asymmetrical signs or build space through threads which connect different planes and volumes , making an “intricate labyrinth of creative paths which modifies the space causing ‘geometric confusion’……… a continual movement of the materials in directions that go nowhere but multiply doubts as to the existence of any place” (Nadja Perilli)

Paolo Radi (Rome, 1966) creates wall sculptures made of wood, pvc, paper or silicon- aerial surfaces full of light ,from which the presence of other things seems to emerge. This is helped by the suggestion of white and other pale colours, transparent materials which give the appearance of weightlessness, which seem to refer to a space which is purely mental.   In this way his works provide a dimension which is suspended between the material and immaterial , creating unusual sensations which make the spectators call into question established ways of perceiving art .