Claudia Rogge / Rapport

 October 21th – November 30th 2006
Opening: Saturday, October 21st 2006, 7 P.M.

The Galleria Paola Verrengia is pleased to announce Rapport, the series of photographs (Diasec) by the German artist, Claudia Rogge.
The artist represents men, women, children, multiplied to the infinite by digital elaboration.
Captured from their backs or their profiles, naked or wearing uniforms, in a certain posture or gesture, the protagonists in Claudia’s works are transformed in a mass where people are identical to each other through a serial repetition of the same subject.
The individual becomes mass intensifying pure aesthetical value, without any ideological attempt.
“I learned, that masses are associated with almost negative thoughts – says Claudia – The viewer remembered “auschwitz”, they thought about slavery or other dictatorships, about synchronised people, about mass media… and so on. As I started with rapport, my intention was to open up a
view concerning masses which is not exclusively determined with negative associations.

I tried to open up the view for the formation, for the aesthetics of masses”. Individual, reproducibility, mass are the main elements of the “Rapport” series exhibited in Salerno. “The bodies’ repetition is however not a simple pattern or theme – says Antonio d’Avossa – but the pattern we find here shows to be different from the initial form. The accumulation of the same image suspends the individual’s identity, who is then massified and
ordered at the same time, by this repetition. Then a real uneasiness circuit starts between whom observes and whom is observed, where the singular look is forced to repeat its attention towards singleness and multiplicity”.

Claudia Rogge (Düsseldorf) lives and works in Germany. She has exhibited in several international events at the Orlando Museum (USA), at the Europäisches Museum für Frieden of Vienna, at the Russian Museum of San Pittsburgh. She also participated to international art fairs,
such as, Art Cologne, Arte Fiera Bologna and Art Moscow.