Design 1994

La vetrina di Natale. Riccardo Dalisi
December, 15th 1994 – January, 21st 1995


Thursday, December 15th, 1994 at 7 pm | Galleria Paola Verrengia presents:

“La vetrina di Natale di Riccardo Dalisi.”

“You can’t understand nativity and its representation, if you don’t understand that the image of the world it aims to represent is meant to display a fairy tale world caught in the moment of its awakening from the initial enchantment”, says Giorgio Agamben. The ethereal nativity scene that Riccardo Dalisi conceived and realized for Galleria Verrengia is the shimmering image of a metamorphosis as well as the silent unreality of such fairy tale. It also incorporates the chaotic, instable consistency of the art forms.

This is how Dalisi rewrites the ancient tradition of nativity scenes –through the free, undetermined animation of its shepherds, angels and saints crafted with metal (either metal sheet or silver) and brought to life to define some sort of undisciplined space. Lack of discipline is, indeed, according to Angelo Trimarco, the main subject of Dalisi’s research – manual skills, design, and drawing intersect one another in an architecture that goes beyond the limits of artificiality until it becomes nature again.

Both folklore and worldly wisdom, that according to Dalisi “explain more things than the most refined and abstract well-read elaboration”, are emphasized by the bright scenery of this Christmas shop window. Its formal elegance, however, is not frozen in a rigid system but becomes playful because, as he further explains, “in the coexistence of diversity and dynamism you must seek the meaning of sign.” The viewers are also invited to unveil the meaning of this story in relation to the nativity scene.

The exhibition can be visited until January, 21st 1995.

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