Design 1998

Artificial Bloom – Il design dei materiali
Gaetano Pesce, Iacopo Foggini, Marco Bagnoli, Berto Lama and la Droog Design
December, 1st 1998 – December, 31st 1998

From the creations of Gaetano PesceIacopo Foggini and Berto Lama to the research of Droog Design, plastic reinvents itself within and beyond its ductile and mimetic qualities. Nowadays Design is conceived to enhance the qualities of matter and highlight the unusual correspondences interposed between the esthetic of an object and its function. In a joint effort to walk through different materials with a particular focus on both formal harmony and secret synchronicity of things, Paola Verrengia and the architect Nunzio Vitale have designed an installation that, in its whole, is meant to question the language of contemporary design in search of new, possible identities of objects.

The exhibition has been organized in collaboration with N.Vitale s.r.l