Design 2001

Non amo il rosso
Ayala S. Sarfaty, Ingo Maurer, Joseph Kosuth
December 19th, 2001 – January 30th, 2002

A selection of design objects of great expressive autonomy. From the organic drawing of the silk lamps of Ayala S. Serfaty to the paper lamps of Maurer and Mombach, based on the Japanese tradition of the Akari manufacturing process, to the ”RED” neon of Joseph Kosuth that constitutes the ”fil rouge” of the exhibition. In a joint effort to highlight an unconventional path made of light and shadow, through the choice of more intricate relationships and contaminations between Art and Design, Paola Verrengia and Nunzio Vitale have elaborated an installation that, in its whole, is open to different interpretations.