Design 2010

Crossover Design
Alessandro Ciffo, DumDum e Andrea Salvetti
18th december 2010-22 january 2011

Crossover Design is the title of the exhibition that Galleria Paola Verrengia dedicates to three italian designers.

Alessandro Ciffo, Dumdum (Marco Stefanini) and Andrea Salvetti with their works are placed in a completely original debate in which art and design play a starring role. In their artworks-object the “Function can not be separated from the vision” (Romanini).
The three Italian designers experimenting with new techniques and new materials, lead to new aesthetic combinations, creating pieces that combine both form and function. Works, therefore,
not reproducible in series as is normally the case of industrial design, but are self-produced by the same artist-craftsmen. A path from design to art and vice versa opens the possibility of exciting
new aesthetic perspectives.
Alessandro Ciffo (Biella 1968) bases his research on artistic experimentation of a single material: silicon. This substance, through the wise use of casting techniques and the application of several layers with spatulas, becomes as pliable as bronze or clay are for the sculptor. On show an installation of the lamp series LED Monolight, “artworks-object” in which light and color through the silicon creates a new ambience.
Dumdum (Bern 1960) had his first approach to the art world through painting and sculpture, and only at the end of the eighties got closer to the design. Plays of solids and voids, natural forms and everyday objects created by the use of various materials as glass, steel, iron, stone, wood and rope, differently combined, create a new balance and different creative possibilities. On show some of the most recent creations: the Library “Rooms”, will be exhibited for the first time in the gallery, the pouf “Nasse,” the umbrella “Paloma” and chairs “Networks of Manila, which arise from the interweaving of strings on aluminum structures, and the candlestick “Garopaba.
Andrea Salvetti (Bozzano Lucca, 1967) draws inspiration for his works from ordinary life and the natural environment. Salvetti’s production recuperates handcrafted thecniques for carrying out
limited edition creations or even uniques. Its forms, macro-birdnests, trees, zoomorphic forms allude to the reality but are simplified and conceptually transposed. His path aims to create a synthesis between the artworks and the space. The exhibition consists of an installation of boxes “Fresh”, the carpet inedited “Geco MC”, inspired by Escher, a seat “Bird’s Nest”, some elements of the series of bronze “Eggs” and two creations of the series “Totem trunks” .