GEMELLIDIVERSI / Lucio Perone | Peppe Perone

Galleria Paola Verrengia will open the exhibition GEMELLI DIVERSI by artists Lucio Perone and Peppe Perone, curated by Antonello Tolve.

“It’s a ‘double itinerary’ proposed by the two artists who, despite being twin brothers, stylistically appear distant, each with their autonomous pursuit. The showcased artworks result from over twenty years of reflection, emphasizing the strong connection of both artists with nature and everyday objects,” states Antonello Tolve.

The work of these artists engages with the current debate on humanity’s relationship with nature and the environment, often violated and revived with “a sharp irony – in Lucio Perone – where one can even read the solitude of contemporary man,” notes Tolve. The sculptures, made of fiberglass, ceramics, and industrial paints, create a broad repertoire of everyday objects, as well as elements from nature such as fruits, grains, birds, what they call “little men,” and, of course, pencils, often placed in precarious positions.

Peppe Perone’s sculptures and installations present unnamed works, featuring animals and everyday objects taken out of their context, covered and crystallized with a thin layer of sand, a material alluding to both childhood games and the fragility of things subjected to continuous transformation. Tolve describes these creations as “imbued with a marvelous reality, engaging in dialogue with the grand tradition of the past.”

GEMELLI DIVERSI is “an exhibition that showcases today the articulated work of two brilliant explorations, two expressive models – so distant, yet so close – seeking to invest the object with a third Barthesian sense: the desire to impact a more concrete reality, to reform centuries-old tradition, and to give new meaning to things,” concludes Tolve.