Giacomo Costa, Stefano Cagol / Real vs Unreal

March 19th – April 23rd, 2005
Opening : Saturday March 19th 2005, 7 pm

In the show Real versus Unreal, Stefano Cagol and Giacomo Costa investigate, each according to his own creative path, the complex and
irridescent construction which is known as urban reality.
Urban space , meaning the architectural place for living in all its complexity, is one of the places chosen by Chagol and Costa for their reflections and artistic creativity.
The show, proposed by Galleria Paola Verrengia, looks in depth at reality and projects for the urban environment through its intense and
increasingly crucial relationships with the language of art. A view which shows profound understanding of the city, its styles of existence and
forms of life which develop and are part of it.