Catalogue with introduction by Antonio d’Avossa.
March 24th – April 30th 2007
Vernissage: March 24th 2007, at 7:00 pm

Three artists- Filippo Centenari, Mimmo Iacopino and Jolanda Spagno –are united in a show from which assonance and dissonance emerge. Using different materials and instruments, the artists follow a creative path which helps them compose “ a visual text, where colour, light
and the construction of the work adhere to a similar code which could be summed up by the term lightning. (A.D’Avossa)” Lampisterie or lamp rooms is in fact the title chosen to embrace the works of Centenari, Iacopino and Spagno and it refers to a quote in 1917 by the father of Dadaism, Tristan Tzara.
Filippo Centenari presents works of electronic painting and video light, in which light and colour are combined to produce an alienating effect. Photos printed on back-lit opals and video frames reproduce icons of historic photojournalism by Robert Capa and aerial views of anonymous cities. Mimmo Jacopino halfway between dada, kinetic and hyperrealistic art builds and gives life to objects and pictures of material, light and colour. Tape measures, light bulbs, and matches are the new ready -made materials flattened and laid out on the canvas. Jolanda Spagno produces delicate graphite drawings of human figures and landscapes. The use of distorting lenses paced on the canvasses gives light and shadows to these images and they become an integral and modular part of the work. The point of view becomes multiple and there is a continuous play of references as the spectator moves nearer or further away from the work.
Filippo Centenari (Cremona, 1978) won the XIX Guglielmo Marconi International Prize for Electronic Art. His works have been on show in the most important exhibitions and galleries, from the Biennial of Sacred Art of Teramo at the Museo della Fondazione Stauros to the exhibition of Mediterranean Art at the Archivio Centrale dello Stato, EUR, Roma. In 2004 he also participated in Radiance & Resonance / Signals of time, DIAF – Dashanzi International Art Festival of Bejing, in China.
Mimmo Iacopino (Milan 1962) has exhibited in numerous galleries in Italy and abroad among which worth mentioning is the Arka Gallery and Only Space in St Petersburg in 2006. He also participated in” Italianit” of the XXI Century, at the new Italian Embassy Minsk, Belarus,” Italianit”
of the XXI Century at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Minsk ,Belarus in 2006 and “Tra Astrazione e Anacronismo, L’Opera al Nero” at the Museo Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona in 2005.
Jolanda Spagno (Bari 1967) won the Lissone Prize, Museum of Contemporary Art, Lissone (Milan) in 2005. He participated in the Adriatic Biennial, year zero in 2003 and in the Adriatic Biennial, San Benedtto del Tronto (Ascoli Piceno) in 2004, in the Quadrennial, Anteprima, Palazzo Reale, in Naples, 2003