Nataly Maier / Opere recenti

December, 16th 2007 – February, 9th 2008
Opening: Sunday, December 16th 2007, 11.30 am


Galleria Paola Verrengia presents the solo show of works by the German artist Nataly Maier.

Study of color, technology and manual skill are some of the recurrent elements in the works of Nataly Maier. After her debut in the field of Photography, characterized, in particular, by the relationship between photographed color and painted color, the German artist has focused her research on her experience with color, progressively pulling away from the subjects represented to proceed towards an abstraction identified by a significant connection with the American minimalist painting. On this prerequisites these works can be compared to various painters or historical masterpieces – from Giotto to Goya, from Mantegna to El Greco – to retrace the chromatic correspondences related to the above-mentioned painters and their style.

On display at the gallery, in Salerno there will be ten recent works by Nataly Maier. These works are comprised of two modules juxtaposed to one another other, both monochromatic, but created with different techniques: the element on top is an aluminumpanel covered with a varnish that creates a perfectly uniform layer on which the artist can write the names of the painters and the titles of the works that she refers to; the area below has been painted manually with oil pigment or egg tempera, inherently to the traditional pictorial techniques and their physiological imperfections.

Among the works on display there will be a work dedicated to Giotto where the intense blue on the upper part of the work, with its lacquered, reflecting surface, is in dialogue with the opaque yellow of the lower part of the canvas, painted manually, that also evokes the frescoes of the Scrovegni Chapel; another work dedicated to Goya’s “Maja Vestida”, where the green on the upperpart of the work is juxtaposed to a yellow surface and crossed by a black reticulate that “mentions” the theme of the shawlworn by the protagonist of the painting made by the Spanish artist.