Paolo Grassino / Controllo del corpo

March 26th – May 9th, 2011
Vernissage: Saturday 26th March, h 7.00 P.M.

Controllo del corpo is the title of the exhibition that Galleria Paola Verrengia dedicate to the artist Paolo Grassino.

Paolo Grassino research tells about bodies and secret worlds, about underground realities perceived through sounds, noises and different materials chosen by the (heavy and dark surfaces, soft compact rubber bands, aluminium bars, plastic molded wax on wooden supports, light and color). Through his sculptures and the artist, represents with a seductive theatricalism, the overwhelming and painful premonition of the departure, the inevitable trasformation of humanity into something unknown, artificial.
Before the eyes of the viewer is left open a sinister and unlikely theater, nevertheless appears as a reality, as something close and familiar. A hint of threat, destruction, violence surrounding these works, a latent foreboding that could inevitably be realized in the near future. Yet in all this confusion and despair, the artist always leaves a glimpse of a rebirth and redemption possibilty.
The exhibition project has been carried out specifically for the gallery space and includes the video “Control of the body”, projected on three monitors, in which nine people (nine artists from Turin) are tied together by a machine that moves and sustains them depriving from their identity. Artists like “blacks flowers”, blossom and close with a simple twist on themselves. The lack of freedom of expression marks the beginning of a subtle repression that leads to the decline of a society. Also on show, a large tapestry in synthetic sponge “Ombra” (3mx3m) where the shadow of a deer gazes motionless at the observer, in the instant before turning away in a dignified escape. Some drawings of the series “Dolo d’impulso” with its small sculptures and two big sculptures unprecedented “Dentrofuori”.

Paolo Grassino (Turin, Italy, 1967) lives and works in Turin, Italy.

Main exhibitions:
“Travasi”, Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Wien, 2011; “Senza rete”, ETAGI, St. Petersburg, 2011; “Paolo Grassino. 2000…2010”, Castello di Rivalta, Torino 2010; “Paolo Grassino, Contaminazioni”, Pinacoteca Albertina, Torino, 2010; “La fine di qualcosa, l’inizio di…”, Galleria Giorgio Persano, Torino, 2010; “Utopia. Contemporary energy. Italian attitudes. Expo 2010”, Urban Planning Exhibition Center, Shanghai, 2010; “Paolo Grassino”, Gallery Teo, Tokyo, 2009; “Ancora in semilibertà”, Galeria Fucares, Madrid, 2008; “Micro-narratives, tentation des petites réalités”, Musee D’Art Moderne De Saint-Etienne Metropole, Saint-Etienne, 2008; “Mediations Biennale. Voyage sentimental”, Muzeum Narodowe, Centrum Kultury Zamek, Poznan, 2008; “XIII Biennale Internazionale di Scultura”, Carrara 2008; “900. Cento anni di creatività in Piemonte”, Movicentro, Acqui Terme, 2008; Gam, Galleria d’arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Torino, 2000.