Play again

March 28th – May 5 th 2008
Vernissage: Friday 28th March 2008, h 7.00 pm

Galleria Paola Verrengia is delighted to present “Play Again” a group show which brings together nine young artists, Filippo Centenari, Marcello Cinque, Francesco De Molfetta, Vincenzo Frattini, Riccardo Gusmaroli, Mimmo Iacopino, Guillaume Jolly, Rebeca
Menendez, Anne Michaux.
The exhibition is split into the various media which ranges from digital photography to Polaroid, from paintings to sculpture and video. The collective proposal revolves around the way in which each of the artists perceive game, playful and aimless, each one of them with
their single artistic research.
Filippo Centenari (Cremona , 1978) assembles a series of 7×7 Polaroid © composing such a thick wall mosaic black and white filled by the ” madman ” , which is also the title of the work , creating a game obsessive , where sign language and form intersect perfectly.
Marcello Cinque (Naples , 1968) , which elected the foam and the Plastoflex to its excellent materials , for the occasion has given shape to a great race car red fire : the “F5″ .
Francesco De Molfetta ( Milan, 1979) creates miniature worlds , combining small items of use Daily toys from modeling. In the exhibition ” Heidi “, ” Water skiing ” and ” MobyDick ” : photographs of setfantasy subvert the customary sense of proportion between things and the human figure .
Vincenzo Frattini ( Salerno , 1978) presents a work all based on color , in which the ranges primary ,pure hues ,
swirling canvases , drawing a ” labyrinth ” in which an uninterrupted flow of life plays every time a new game to try the right way where form and color can finally be completed each other.
Riccardo Gusmaroli (Verona , 1963) uses geographical maps inhabited by extra-pictorial objects – stamps , paper boats , etc. – suggesting imaginary journeys with routes impossible … ” From Ischia to Licosa ” is the work that the artist created for the exhibition , from the Gulf of Naples to that of Salerno, towards the confines of a fantastic new dimension of play .
Mimmo Iacopino (Milan , 1962) has done work in rigorous and essential , but also ironic , lyrical and playful in which the interweaving of different materials leads to the digital manipulation of the objects used . In ” Gamedangerous “and” Dip points ” , shape and color interact with the serial nature of the photographic technique . Guillaume Jolly ( Beaulieu , France, 1980) , a young French artist , is exhibiting for the first time in Italy . Presents the video ” Lego “, inspired by filmmaker Michel Gondry. ” Lego ” is a fully animated video made in stop motion dive the famous Lego toys © give life to a world with which to tell , in the form of the game difficult , but sometimes even absurd and grotesque, relationships between human beings.
Rebeca Menendez (Aviles , Spain, 1976), the young Spanish artist is exhibiting for the first time in Italy . the artist’s work ranges from photography to installation , the works on canvas. The exhibition includes installation a series of silhouettes of children, mounted on the wall , playing with a strand of red wool, which keeps tied together. But the apparent playfulness conceals dangers and risks , giving an image of the game in shades noir .
Anne Michaux ( Ettelbruck , Luxembourg, 1971) is exhibiting for the first time in Italy . Produce and photographer sets with small maquettes , in which the protagonists are toys : small plastic characters , cars of the era, all immersed in a ’60s. Exhibited two digital photographs mounted on
Plexiglas and aluminum – Dibond , “Re- Definition” and “Temporary High” in which the viewer’s gaze lingers between game and reality.