Outdoor: Art on Video Project: International Exhibition of Video Art 28 July – 1 August 2021


Art On Video
You Video Art 
28.07 – 01.08.2021

Adrian Paci, AES+F, Studio Azzurro, MASBEDO, Carlos Aires, Andrea Aquilanti, Salvatore Arancio, Denise Prince, Fiona Tan, Mattia Sugamiele, 
Raffaele Greco, Giulia Piscitelli, Stéphanie Lagarde, Amparo Sard. 

An exhibition spread over Salerno; a showcase where striking videos created by internationally famous contemporary artists are projected on social-historical sites of interest in the city.

This is the concept of Art on Video, an initiative promoted and financed by the Campania Region with the support of Scabec, Società Campana Beni Culturali, Comune di Salerno and the University of Salerno, in collaboration with the Paola Verrengia Gallerywhich will take place in Salerno from the 28th July till the 1st August.

The selected artists for this edition of Art on Video are some of the key artists in the contemporary art scene who use video as their expressive language, sometimes in a non-exclusive way: Adrian Paci, AES+F, Masbedo, Studio Azzurro, Carlos Aires, Amparo Sard, Andrea Aquilanti, Fiona Tan, Stéphanie Lagarde, Salvatore Arancio, Giulia Piscitelli, Denise Prince, Raffaele Greco e Mattia Sugamiele.
The art project will include various sites that are part of Salerno’s cultural heritage. These include the Church of Santa Sofia, the Church of Santa Maria de Lama, the Bell Tower of the Duomo, the Ave Gratia Plena Hostel, the Church of Sant’Apollonia, the Courtyard of Palazzo Pinto, the Church of San Giorgio, the Sala Pasolini (ex Diana Theatre) and the Zaha Hadid Maritime Station.

The Paola Verrengia Gallery in Via Fieravecchia contemplated new possible ways of enjoying contemporary art. They came up with the idea of the exhibition as an outdoor event to allow their audience to meet art again safely. The exhibited videos give life to a multi-voiced storytelling where each individual artist, using all the technological and digital possibilities currently available, explores historical themes, and social, political, personal, visionary and dystopian conflicts.

With projection methods that have been uniquely designed by the artists and have been adapted to the spaces, the various host locations unfold in the historical centre and the seafront of Salerno. This results in an unusual view of the city which stimulates a debate on cultural crossovers between contemporary languages and the historical places that host them.
Following the flow of projections, at a leisurely pace, the audience will interact with the urban environment and contribute to rewriting the map of the city. “The visitor will be able to participate in the work by being immersed in the darkness, absorbed and attracted by the narrative space”, as Pascale Weber wrote.

YVA – YouVideoArt, part of the Art on Video project, is curated by Chiara Guidi. She states: “You VideoArt is an original video exhibition created for the city of Salerno, a temporary channel for external art videos, and like a ray, runs through the city offering an important selection of original art videos. YVA marks the 15th anniversary of Youtube, the digital platform, which since 2005 has been showcasing and sharing videos and other multimedia, such as popular video blogs, changing our use and knowledge of media, allowing global sharing. Devoid of an archive, Youtube relies on the accumulation of material. Similarly, YouVideoArt will not be an archive, but it will continue to expand its selection of original art videos in which the artists have adapted the technological language for their artistic purposes”.

Click here to download the complete programme.

In compliance with the current health regulations, the anti-Covid measures and social distancing will be respected. It is obligatory to use a face mask for the duration of your visit.


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