Rebeca Menéndez / Contuve la Respiracion

31th October – 15th December 2009
Opening: 31th Saturday 2009, 7 pm

Contuve la Respiración is the title of the personal show Galleria Paola Verrengia is dedicating to the Spanish artist Rebeca Menéndez, who, for her first show in Italy, will exhibit her recent photographic work, a wall drawing in vinyl and felt and a series of silkscreens .
In the interior photos of Rebeca Menédez the scenes show disturbing elements, distortions and symbols which are superimposed, giving rise to a complex plot which is in continual transformation and connected to secret stories of past lives. The intriguing atmosphere and settings she creates are inhabited by mysterious female figures, who seem to be waiting for something which is about to happen.
The title Contuve la Respiracion, (hold your breath) refers to the atmosphere that the artist tries to capture in her works : the tension underlying an apparent situation of calm. In addition to her photographic works the artist will show a wall installation in vinyl and felt which depicts children
involved in ‘innocent’ games; a red thread connects one figure to another establishing a relationship of dependency and of cause and effect. “What both projects (silkscreen and photo) share in common is that they show the moment just before something is going to happen (the outcome hangs in the balance) and the change seems almost a threat. The spectator must deduce the underlying reality before this change . I look for a reaction from the spectator, which role will he or she choose? Stop the game or break the web of dependency which appears in the image (Rebeca Menendez)
Rebeca Menèndez ( 1976 – Aviles, Asturias. Spain). lives and works in Spain. The lastest exhibitions by the artist are: Galeria T20, Murcia, Spain (2009); Galleria Paola Verrengia, Salerno, Italy (2008); Hasta el infinito y màs alla CAS, Siviglia, Spain (2008); Luz bit. Museo Barjola. Gijon, Spain (2007); Terrenos de juego, Centro de Cultura Antiguo Istituto”, Gijón, Spain (2005); Sala Internacional de Grabado y Ediciones de Arte Contemporaneo, Madrid, Spain (2003); El papel en el arte, Galería Espacio Líquido, Gijón, Spain (2002); Sala de Exposiciones de la Casa de
Cultura de Avilés, Spain (2002). He also recently participated in numerous art fairs including: Arte Fiera Bologna 2009 – Bologna, Italy; Arco 09 – Madrid; Pulse Miami 08 – Miami (USA); SP ARTE. Galleria Leo Bahia. San Paolo, Brasil (2008); Pulse NY 08 – New York (USA); Valencia. Art07 – Valencia; Salamanca/Art 06 – Salamanca; Art Brussels 2005 – 2004 – Colonia Art Santander, Santander (2004), Artissima – Torino (2004). About her awards, we remember: Premio 36 Certamen Nacional de Arte de Luarca, Ayuntamiento de Valdés (2005); Premio adquisición en el Certamen de Artes Plásticas Explum05, Murcia (2005); Premio Art Nalón, modalidad nacional, Langreo (Spain).
Spèecial thanks to Galeria Espacio Liquido, Gijon, Spain.