Rivka Rinn / Streaming Lights

June 5th – July 15th 2006
Vernissage: Monday 5 th June 2006, 7,30 pm

Streaming Lights is the title of the personal show that the Galleria Paola Verrengia is dedicating to the Israelian artist Rivka Rinn.

Urban landscapes, lights, speed are some of the recurring elements in Rivka Rinn’s photography.
On his restless travels, the artist captures different time and places in movement , freezing them through photographic shots.
At times he photographs from the windows of trains and aeroplanes, sometimes he captures roads, stations, airports, undergrounds, places with instantaneous and ubiquitous qualities.

“ Our times are marked by an acceleration which does not allow us to take in everything that is in front of us” says Rivka Rinn.

“The camera lens can bear witness to what the eye doesn’t know it has seen because of speed thus allowing a greater perceptive awareness.”

Among the works on show are Light Container, Streaming Lights, E-scape and the Body language series where real places, captured from a moving car, are turned into non-places. Accelerating lights , fleeing cities lit up by the artificial colours of the night, illuminated signs, car headlights neon lights. The artist gives us the colours and rhythms of different cities which have lost their circumstantial reference points in order to become symbols of the essence of the contemporary city. “ By abolishing distances ,speed has made global time and space take over from specific time and space. We live in one and the same world,” explains the artist.
On show is Cibachrome, Light Box in addition to the video, Accelerated Heavens ,which is like a travel diary in which the sequences of images of cities like Berlin, New York, Rome or Tel Aviv become the vision of one unique city.

Rivka Rinn (Tel Aviv) lives and works between Rome and Berlin. Over the last five years some of this Israelian artist’s international shows include: Bienal Internacional De Fotografia, Museo Alejandro Sterpo, Caracas (2000); Espace Gantner, Bourogne (2000); Galleria Civica d’Arte Contemporanea, Trento (2002); Jewish Museum, Berlin (2003); Aidan Gallery, Moscow (2003); Chelsea Art Museum, New York (2003); PhotoEspania03, Madrid (2003); White Square Gallery, Beijing (2004); Center of  Contemporary Art, Ujadowski Castle, Varsavia (2004); in addition he participated in the Novena  Biennale in Havana in March 2006.