Robert Jack / The lower Tiers

October 25th– December 2th 2008
Vernissage: Saturday 25th October , h 7.00 pm.

Galleria Paola Verrengia is pleased to present The Lower Tiers, the first solo exhibition in Italy of the American artist Robert Jack.

The exhibition consists of his newest series of fourteen paintings made of casein on wood and eight drawings realized exclusively for the Paola Verrengia Gallery. Robert Jack’s paintings and drawings represent the way nature works microscopically, so his body of work is based on the study of tiny life forms like bacteria, plants cells, seaweed etc. He collects images from biological, scientific and medical sources – then gives to these forms and structures a personal point of view, to create his universe of biological life forms. The title chosen for the show is The Lower Tiers,
a term used in biology to describe tiny life forms; “The earth could happily continue to exist without us humans, but without the trillions of microscopic plants and animals, life would cease to exist very quickly. I want to draw attention to these forms of life through my work, making them visible to our conscious mind” – says the artist. About the colours of his works he says that they are “rather intuitive based on what is to be conveyed in the painting.” For Each piece exists a very specific colour that has nothing to do with the original sources from which the compositions were created. Robert Jack’s work is a systematic sequence of tiny and precise marks of casein on wood and ink on paper – A fusion of apparently mechanical and organic imperfections which end up creating minimalistic textures that resemble microscope slide sets of plant cells and tissues.

Robert Jack was born in 1971 in New Haven, Connecticut (USA). He lives and works in New York. The artist received his Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from The City College of New York in 1994. His work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in the United States, Europe and Japan. The lastest exhibitions by the artist are: Before and Aftermath, Josee Bienvenu Gallery, New York (2008); Elements of Histories, Brian Gross Fine Art, San Francisco, California (2007); Twice Drawn, Tang Museum at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York (2006); Systems Now: a survey of recent systematic, Art Elvehjem Museum of Art, Madison, WI, curated by Joseph Cunningham (2003); Incredible
Lightness of BeingBlack, White Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2003); Group Print Exhibition, Nasu-Kougen Museum, Nasu, Japan (2003). He also recently participated in numerous European art fairs including: Art Brussels 2006, Belgium (2006), 04 Volta show Basel, (2008), ARCO 2008 Art Fair, Madrid, Spain (2008).