Turnover #5


Galleria Paola Verrengia presents the fifth appointment of Turnover #5, a format created in 2019 to create a reflective perimeter on the artists who have worked, over the years, with the Salerno exhibition space and have outlined its history.

After the four previous editions linked to the various names that have animated the Gallery’s cultural seasons with solo or group exhibitions, this fifth exhibition project highlights a dialogue on painting in which the works of artists of the latest generations, such as Gioacchino Pontrelli and Mattia Sugamiele, are compared to those of historicised painters, Gianni Asdrubali and Pino Pinelli. The Spanish artist Amparo Sard is showing for the first time a punched canvas painting entitled ‘Anima / Carring the best of me’ as well as some smaller works also characterised by colour. Also on show are some drawings and a sculpture by the artist Lucio Perone that highlight the theme of nature and precariousness, just as on the theme of nature is the work exhibited by the artist Enrico Manera.

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