White Light / White Heat

December 21st, 2005 – January 30th, 2006
Opening: Wednesday December 21st 2005, 8 pm

Paolo Angelosanto, Marcello Cinque, Gabriella Crisci, Berto Lama, Matteo Basilè, Aftefour

Galleria Paola Verrengia will present the exhibition WHITELIGHT/WHITEHEAT.

Six artists with the group Afterfour, through different visual codes, experiences and interpretations have been acting on the plane of the most direct actuality, meditating on some of the multiple aspects of contemporaneity. WHITE LIGHT/WHITE HEAT is the mis-en-scene of artworks designed to function as an emotional and conceptual filter located between the mind of the artist and the viewers to induce a different comprehension “other” from reality, that is a more profound and critical comprehension.

A generation of artists who, driven by an insatiable creative energy, have been pondering on the possibilities of the most heterogeneous techniques and materials to create the objetd’art. Afterfour is an artistic disposalthat, retrieving a certain attention to daily life from an attitude towards pop culture, focuses its research on the communicative and expressive potential of collective phenomena through the production of captivating illustrations of bright sculptures meant to depict the musical instruments of a band animated by the sounds of the performer. PaoloAngelosanto explores the problem of identity in the relationship with the self, oriented towards a new meaning in the cultural and fabled icons of the past. Through an artificial dreamlike mis-en-scene set up in a real world of other times, he goes through the sensations suggested by these “recognizable” figures caught in the act of wearing clothes and redundancies according to a contemporary sensibility focused on matter. Matteo Basilè takes possession of certain imagesthrough Photography and is also tempted to incorporate in his work not Painting, but digital art, indeed it’s through digital art that he creates his works, deconstructing the preexistent image constituted by Photography, and modifying it. His subjects are close to one another and, for that reason, they tend to be out of context, thus returned in an altered form that is often ecstatic.

The “Forms” of Marcello Cinque, made of foam rubber and plastoflex, are intertwined with one another to form the “tragic body” of an atomic mushroom or the “embryonic agony” of embryos lost among some terrible umbilical cords. From her work made of bronze GabriellaCrisci moved towards the use of different materials, including digital art, PVC wires and the “Dress” she created with safety pins while investigating the visionary and transformative qualities of the image. BertoLama, who is inclined to push his painting beyond the surface, creates “paintings” made of fabric, canvases and damask meant to be looked at as well as touched. His work incorporates elements such as softness and wrinkles that must be explored using all your senses, not only your eyes. His most recent sculptures are lighter and more transparent than plastic, and they depict myth with irony while patching together incongruous elements such as stone, tulle, metal and color with a surprising level of freedom.

The group Afterfour, being a“work in progress” project, because of its fluid nature focused on communication/communion can be modified, is collaborative and can be related to\inserted into places and atmospheres of the same location. For the opening reception scheduled on December, 21st, with a reference to the factory of Andy Warhol, at the Galleria Verrengia they will play a few pieces by Lou Reed and TheVelvetUnderground.