Zacheusse – the first solo exhibition in Salerno of Gianni Asdrubali – First Opening 19 December 2021 – 11:30 a.m. |

Paola Verrengia Gallery is pleased to announce Zacheusse, the first exhibition in Salerno of Gianni Asdrubali, protagonist of a research which, since Muro magico (1979), represents his awareness of the “void” intended as a primary force which activates and produces our actions.
As Antonello Tolve says, throughout G. Asdrubali’s work there’s a constant and restless reflection on the properties of the void which is intended as a force and principle, a place from which to start and arrive, to test the purity of the idea.
Today Paola Verrengia Gallery presents a cycle of works made between 2013 and 2021 where the main role is played by color which, according to Lorenzo Mango’s careful analysis, has a very strong sensory personality, because it appeals to the senses and through them, to the viewer’s inner sensibility in a unique and specific way.
The title chosen by Asdrubali for his exhibition is Zacheusse, a name which sounds like an Etruscan goddess who helps the viewers to perceive what is missing, since – as the artist says – the unpainted part of his works is what interests him most.

The exhibition will run from 19 December 2021 to 19 February 2022

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